Indiana Biobank is Supporting COVID-19 Banking

The Indiana Biobank is centralizing COVID-19 related sample banking for the IU School of Medicine. Through its infrastructure, the Indiana Biobank is providing a resource supporting sample collection and banking to researchers who are leading the way in developing diagnostic tools and treatments for COVID-19. The Indiana Biobank’s collection protocol allows for the collection of a variety of de-identified samples, linked to the electronic medical record, which can be distributed for broad research use to approved researchers. Please contact Brooke Patz, or 317-278-5939, for additional information.

Indiana Biobank

The Indiana Biobank was established in July 2010 to create a "bank" of biological samples that are linked to participants' electronic medical information. The medical information includes over 8,000 variables encompassing clinical, laboratory and outcomes data. Collected samples and medical information are made available to scientists performing research that may ultimately improve the health of Hoosiers. The initial goal is to enroll 50,000 individuals in the Indiana Biobank. Over 14,000 individuals have already participated in the Indiana Biobank.

The Indiana Biobank is a part of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI). The CTSI is a statewide collaboration of scientists at Indiana University, Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame, as well as public and private partnerships. One of the goals of the CTSI is to help translate scientific discoveries made in the laboratory into new treatments for patients in Indiana and throughout the world.

Types of Research Questions

The biological samples and electronic medical information are ideal for genomic studies critical to the development of personalized medicine. The types of research questions that could be addressed using biobank samples and data would include: